Breast Reduction

What is a breast reduction?

Breast reduction (also known as reduction mammaplasty), as the name suggests, is a surgical procedure that aims to decrease the size of the breasts. Breast reduction surgery also aims to position the breasts higher on the chest wall, while maintaining symmetry and enhancing the breast shape, to better suit the proportions of the body. Women with overly large breasts (macromastia) often suffer from neck, back and shoulder pain, as well as skin irritation and rashes under the breasts. These all lead to a decreased quality of life and an inability to exercise effectively or find clothes and bras that fit properly.

Breast reduction patients are often the most satisfied plastic surgery patients because they find that the breast reduction procedure decreases the weight of their breasts and ‘lifts’ the breasts into a more ergonomic position. This then gives them some relief from neck and back pain, allowing them to live fuller, more active lives

Fast Facts:

Length of procedure: 1– 3 hours
Type of anaesthesia: General anaesthetic.
What to expect post-op: You may have difficulty lifting your arms above your shoulders in the first few days, and you will need to wear a supportive post-surgical bra for 6 weeks post-surgery.
Recovery time: You should be able to drive after ten days and return to work after approximately 1- 2 weeks. Avoid strenuous activity for 1 month.
Results: Permanent, unless you experience significant variations in weight. Gravity and the natural ageing process will affect breasts normally.

Who might benefit from a Breast reduction?

Women who feel that their breast size is out of proportion with the rest of their body, or women with overly large breasts who suffer from neck, back and shoulder pain as a result of the excessive weight of their breasts, might benefit from breast reduction surgery. If this sounds like you, breast reduction may be life-changing for you. Disproportionately large breasts also tend to cause ptosis (sagging) of the breasts and enlarged areolae, both of which can be corrected as part of breast reduction surgery.

What does breast reduction surgery involve?

Undergoing breast reduction mammaplasty is a major decision. During your consultation, Dr do Vale will discuss and answer the questions you may have regarding breast reduction surgery, all options available to you, the risks involved, and the expected benefits and results so that together you can come to a personalised decision about the right breast reduction surgery for you.

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure that typically lasts around 2 to 3 hours and is performed under general anaesthesia. Several different breast reduction techniques exist, but ultimately they all aim to remove excess breast tissue, fat and skin to produce smaller, firmer, lifted breasts. Many women also wish to have the size of their areola reduced, which can be easily achieved as part of the breast reduction surgery. Breast reduction techniques differ by their incision pattern, amount of tissue removed and results.

Patients often distinguish these different techniques according to the resulting scar pattern- either 'anchor' (the Wise pattern technique), 'lollipop' (Short scar techniques), or 'doughnut' (peri-areolar techniques). For overly large breasts the Wise pattern technique is commonly used. Surgical markings are measured and made before going into theatre. During a breast reduction and lift procedure, incisions are made around the areolae in a key-hole pattern, and the intervening breast tissue, fat and skin are removed. The nipples and areolae are repositioned higher up on the breast, and the breast is reshaped as the incisions are closed.

Dr do Vale’s goal is to give you smaller, lighter, lifted breasts whilst achieving an attractive, natural look. As a female plastic surgeon, Dr do Vale will apply her skill and appreciation of shape and scale to optimise the size and shape for each individual.

Recovery after breast reduction:

Most patients will take about one to two weeks to recover before returning to work. It may take a few weeks for the incisions to fully heal and a good quality supportive post-surgical bra should be worn, day and night, during this period. No strenuous activity should be done during this time (approximately four to six weeks). Once the incisions have fully healed, you can resume your normal exercise routine. Dr do Vale will advise you on the most suitable scar management regimen to minimise the visibility of the scars.

For more information on Breast Reduction or to find out if it’s the right procedure for you, request a consultation below or call 0109003999 to schedule your detailed consultation with Dr do Vale.