Vectra 3D Imaging

What is Vectra 3D Imaging?

As a plastic surgeon, Dr do Vale finds it very important to incorporate high-quality photographic images into the consultation. This helps facilitate a clear discussion about your areas of concern, your goals, and if feasible, how best to achieve them. Dr do Vale uses the Vectra XT 3D imaging technology to provide a life-like 3-dimensional view of your face, breasts or body from all angles. This advanced technology can simulate potential post-operative results and gives the patient the opportunity to ‘preview’ various plastic surgery options to help come to a decision as to which procedure would best suit your personal goals.

Who Might Benefit from Vectra 3D Imaging?

The Vectra XT 3D camera is an extremely useful tool that can be used to assess various aspects of your body and is especially useful for procedures such as breast augmentation, breast lift, body contouring, rhinoplasty, chin augmentation or liposuction, as well as face and skin analysis. Vectra XT is also a great way of being able to objectively assess your before and after results.

What Does Vectra 3D Imaging Involve?

During your consultation with Dr do Vale, photographs will be taken of your face or body using the Vectra-XT 3D camera. This technologically advanced camera actually houses multiple cameras that simultaneously capture a series of images from different angles which are then digitally "stitched" together by the Vectra Sculptor 3D software, to create an accurate 3-dimensional virtual model of you. This model can be rotated on the computer monitor and viewed from almost any angle. It’s like looking in a mirror but being able to see every angle clearly.

Initially, Dr do Vale will discuss your requests and what procedures might help you achieve your goal, whilst referring to your assimilated 3D model. These 3D images also help highlight existing asymmetries or physical aspects that could impact the outcome of your plastic surgery.

The plastic and reconstructive surgeon uses the Vectra-XT software to apply simulation tools to give you an indication of what might be achieved from your desired plastic surgery. At this stage, Dr do Vale will show you various simulations that experiment with different surgical options, such as different breast implant sizes and shapes and how they might look on your body, as well as where the scars will lie. A Vectra-XT 3D imaging session will help give you peace of mind about what you can realistically achieve from your plastic surgery and ensure that you and your doctor have the same outcome in mind.

Dr do Vale will discuss and answer any questions you may have regarding your planned procedure, all options available to you, and the expected benefits and results so that together you can create a personalised plan for your surgery.

To find out if your operation results can be previewed using Vectra 3D imaging, request a consultation with Dr do Vale below or call 0109003999.

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